MultiCopter Sub equipment hardware

Quick View of AeroVentions peripherals.


While flying, As a customer you can observe the images live at a safe distance from the Drone driver, by the 3 positioned 32inch HD screens.


Monitor 01: You get all the data + live image of the OSD camera from the Drone (flight functions such as altitude, degrees and other)


Monitor 02: You get all the data + live image of the Thermal and Live-View camera from the Drone.

Monitor 03: You get all electronic computer flight data + all status (batteries and other electronics) data of the Drone Live in view while in flight, including location and image a kind of navigation, see this as live view video in Google Maps.
This is made possible by means of telemetry communication between the Drone and a laptop on the ground, whose laptop is equipped with GPS and a Range-Extender up to 1000m usable. With this system a route can also be entered and the Drone can fly independently and capture images without the intervention of the Drone pilot.