Wall Prints

Small and Large format

Small and Large format examples wall prints 

wall prints up to approximately 150x100 cm
delivery time about 1 to 2 weeks


01.Photo on Canvas
02.Gallery frame with Passe-Partout
03.Photo on Wood
04.Photo on acrylic glass
05.Photo on Aluminum
06.Photo on Photo plate

Photo on Canvas

01) Photo on Canvas
is a combination of high resolution on fine canvas and a handmade wooden frame.


-Folded Edge, As with a classic art canvas, your photo on canvas will be stretched out to fit the frame perfectly. During the image selection process, just make sure that the essential elements of your photo are not too close to the edges.


-Mirrored Edge, Your image can be viewed in full glory on the front of the photos on canvas. The outer edge of the photo is then copied, mirrored, and added to the frame after the main print is completed.


-Extracted Edge, For this type of canvas print, the outer pixels of your photo are pulled out lengthwise and completely reproduced around the edges of the frame. Your image is visible over the entire front of the canvas.


-White Border, With this type of border design, your photo will be scaled to fit perfectly on the front of your chosen canvas. The outer edges of the frame are then covered with white strips, which enhances it and emphasizes your image.


- Black Border, Your image will be scaled and only printed on the front of the canvas, while a black border will be added later on the sides of your photo on canvas. The black outer strip complements most environments beautifully and adds contrast!


Gallery frame with Passe-Partout

02) A framed photo provides a truly gallery-worthy visual effect. With the bevel of the real museum cardboard passe-partout around your print, a picture frame is a decoration piece for real connoisseurs! Your photo is covered with a polished sheet of plexiglass, which gives it new life.

Photo on Wood

03) A photo on wood is a recent decoration trend. Our 10 mm thick plywood photo wood has a pleasant natural tint. Your photo on wood offers a spectacular reproduction of your print thanks to our 12 color printing technology, all on a perfectly milled wood panel!

Photo on acrylic glass

04) Thanks to the hand-polished surface, acrylic glass enhances the depth of field and detail of the printed photo and makes the colors look very intensive. Because of our invisible hanging systems, the acrylic glass print seems to float on the wall.

Photo on Aluminum

05) consists of composite panels of feather-light but hard plastic and aluminum blades. These bold prints on metal are professionally treated to avoid UV damage. The photo on aluminum is a particularly desirable wall decoration that gives you true premium craftsmanship!

Photo on Photo plate

06) Our photo on photo plate is a unique wall decoration that combines light weight with tested durability and an accurate reproduction of your photo. Your photo is printed on a 5 mm thick rigid foam panel - the print is ideal for walls with limited load-bearing capacity.

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