AeroVentions Driving for Charity & Delivering a nice day for the benefit of the sick

And bringing in Donations for these foundations

Wilhelmina Grand Prix - 2020

- we are waiting for a new date
- delayed by Coronavirus


Is the day; with a ribbon of around 60 sports cars and supercars, we go with the patients of the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital to the newest and most beautiful car event in the Netherlands. Saturday afternoon, 2020, We will be a guest at DAY1 World of Cars at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht.


Internet links:

Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis & FaceBook

DAY1 World of Cars & FaceBook

402 Automotive & FaceBook

Pouw Vervoer & FaceBook

Dag met een lach & FaceBook

AeroVentions & Facebook

The "Heartbeat" Foundation - 2020

- we are waiting for a new date
- delayed by Coronavirus

The Heartbeat Foundation organizes the HeartRace Circuit Day every year, a day dedicated to racing at the Zandvoort Circuit Park. The HeartRace Circuit Day is organized on the initiative of the racing team and is made possible by the selfless efforts of many volunteers. The Zandvoort Circuit Park makes the accommodation available and the OCA takes care of occupation of all track posts. And the cars ... Owners of sports and racing cars, importers and car magazines ensure a spectacular field of participants. The highlight of the day is riding in one of the cars, but a round of riding is certainly not the only thing to do on the circuit. Of course you can take a picture in or near your favorite car and there are again many racing attractions.


Do you want to experience this day with your family? The HeartRace Circuit Day will take place on 2020.Link for Donation, Directly on the website of the foundation


Mainwebsite : Heartbeat Foundation

Facebook : Heartbeat Foundation

Link for Donation


Old demo : 29-07-2019, Circuit Zandvoort.
1 Video recorded with dashcams in my car.
Family: Grandmother and grandson JJ.


The "Day with a smile" Foundation


Day with a Smile, together with the owners of supercars and sports cars, organizes delicious and entertaining events for children who can use a bit of a change. What could be better than seeing a child smile and let his worries just be forgotten?


Mainwebsite : Day with a smile
Facebook:       Day with a smile
Link for Donation

The "Against Cancer" Foundation

Facebook : Against Cancer

Facebook : Bikkel Against Cancer

Link for Donation


Old demo : 07-08-2019, TT-Circuit Assen.
1 Video recorded with dashcams in my car.
Family: the father Alex and the child Janiek



The "Dream Car Day" Foundation


Mainwebsite : Dream Car Day

Facebook : Dream Car Day

Link for Donation


Read the story about this boy with the name: DAX
He was in my car (yellow renault clio rs)
His mother wrote a nice story about their experience on this day in 2018 (unfortunately it is only in Dutch)
press this LINK

AeroVentions signed up as a volunteer at various foundations.

The intention is that i drive with a Race Performance Car (Renault Clio RS Trophy 300 HP / 500 NM) I try to give these people (adults and children) a fun day and drive them around for free on different Race Circuits.


Car Tunning @ Beek Auto Racing

-Watch the flames out of the exhausts



In addition, it is intended that I also try to raise money through Donations that can be made.

At the moment that you are going to Donate, By the indicated web links to the Foundations, you can also state your Personal name and / or Company name and possibly place a comment. as Advertising on the Donations made with my car, Donating donations is also tax deductible, That makes it extra attractive for you.

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