Photography from out real helicopters

On land, at Sea and in the Air

Photography from out real helicopters

Besides photographing Cars and Events.I am also certified for various industries, Such as the Maritime industry, Offshore and Windmill parks.This delivers beautiful images from out the sky. We can make photo's from your (company) Buildings, Ship's and Platform structures. If you like this, AeroVentions can take care of it for you.


If you photograph from a Helicopter you need the right equipments.This is to prevent all vibrations and maintain the correct sharpness.
In most cases you only get 1 chance. This is also the reason why I only work with professional SONY cameras (A9 & R73), Because they have a high resolution sensor and an excellent 4D tracking focus system. In addition, This equipment has excellent stabilization in the camera itself and in the OSS GM-Master lenses from AeroVentions.


A number of examples photos can be found here at the top of the page.

  • Circuit, Zandvoort
  • Ship Locks, IJmuiden
  • AZ Football stadium, Alkmaar


We can not post all footage because in Respect of Privacy Policy of the (Offshore) Companies
- but lots of offshore photos are made by me


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