About AeroVentions / T.Kerkhoff

With a solid technical and managerial background and on various international projects worldwide, that is what gives me the time and space for my Photography Passion.That is why AeroVentions has the required knowledge in virtually all situations.


AeroVentions has started to give me, my ever started hobby and passion for photography a more professional form. Which I want to share with my website visitors.


The love for photography is something that I have been carrying with me for 25 years, but by myself and partly with the help of others in the last 10 years have been given on a higher level. I still learn daily, because Photography is infinite, For me. Photography is a Passion, And also where I can put my personal Creativity into. I also like to see the beautiful (the whole) thing in this, but you should not miss the details! In addition, it gives me peace of mind and I always meet new people at various locations that share their passion and emotion with me and their related stories.For me personally, My Photography is not just a simple image, but also emotion and people, I take these experiences as nice memories for myself.


Besides photography, I have more Passion s, 1 of them has always been speed (but within the limits of safety) Also I have been flying in Helicopters almost weekly and regularly for the last 25 years for the benefit of my worldwide and international activities, Maybe this has also helped to take Photography from the sky, since this also shows you the bigger picture. And a love for cars, that's why you see this in my Photography. I notice that these cars & owners that I photograph have a very exceptional level of "Passion and Emotion" for their vehicles. Personally I can only enjoy and admire them.


If you also want to register your Passion & Emotion or others, you can contact me.


**MultiCopters** Accreditation and Verification
-ILT Reg no : PH-1UM
-DGLV – Approved
-DGAC - Certified No B/084-NO/NAV E/S1/S2
-RPAS - Certified No RPA 16/02G
-Category E, for scenario S1 and S2.

**Photography** Accreditation and Verification
-PRESS-CARD IPC-EU ID-14078 European press association
-PRESS-Member NVJ Dutch press association
-PRESS-Member IFJ Dutch press for risk & International conflict areas abroad


Personal "Extra" Certified for:

Besides photographing Cars and Events.I am also certified for various industries, Such as the Maritime industry, Offshore and Windmill parks.This delivers beautiful images from out the sky. We can make photo's from your (company) Buildings, Ship's and Platform structures. If you like this, AeroVentions can take care of it for you.


A number of examples Photo's in Real Helicopter Projects