MultiCopter hardware











The OnyxStar FOX-C8 HD is a robust, efficient and multi-use drone. It is designed to successfully perform any type of aerial operation with a multirotor. Powerful and adaptive, the FOX-C8 HD benefits from OnyxStar's latest research & development enhancements, making it a very high quality drone. Flight conditions can be demanding and unstable. That is why the FOX-C8 HD is designed to be able to fly in windy conditions (up to 6 Beaufort). Thanks to the lightweight carbon frame, the FOX-C8 HD is a powerful system that is already preferred by several professionals from the UAV industry.


Fabricage and model:

  • AltiGator (Amphios bvba) // OnyxStar FOX-C8-HD-V2
  • Client / AeroVentions built / customized
  • Serial number and year of manufacture: Serial # C8V21609133900 // 26/08/2016

This unit contains all the GPS functionalities that make it possible to navigate autonomously (automatic start and landing rights, waypoints flights, position and altitude, back home, POI - sights, etc).

  • Resistant to strong winds up to 5-6 Beaufort
  • Security features:
  • Carefree: Telemetry via Personal Computer
  • Failsafe: Security functionality of the drone with multiple landing positions
  • Dynamic Position Hold
  • Dynamic Altitude Hold
  • Automatic take-off and landing
  • HD Audio-Video sending TX / RX: Zero Latency 500-1000mtr
  • AV Video Signal + Fixed OSD Camera
  • Miscellaneous more options available


Weight Drone empty (approximately): 3.0 kg

Mikrokopter electronics. These drones electronics are modular and scalable with a view to the sustainability of your valuable investment, but remain reliable up to and of the highest level.

Main Remote Controller pilot








  • Radio control set MC-32 HoTT
  • Remote controller with all control functions for the different cameras
  • Full flight controls
  • HD Monitor: For Live view
  • AV Monitor: Fixed Drone Pilot camera and OSD functions
  • Recorder HD Ninja
  • Video HD receiver transmissions 720/1080
  • Miscellaneous others remote options.

Sub Remote Controller cameraman








  • Radio control Set MC-20
  • Remote controller with all control functions for the different cameras